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Empowering you to discover your destiny in love and marriage...

Because everyone longs to live in peace...

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Empowering you to discover destiny in love and marriage...

Because everyone longs to live in peace...


We know these books can equip you to find the peace you long for and fight for your marriage and win!

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Every couple's journey to happily-ever-after...

  • Reclaim your Identity -Recognize your royal DNA as husband and wife, and conquer the marital chaos you live in.
  • Redeem your Role  - Embrace your purpose as men and women created equal, yet destined to be different, but united you can crush any foe you face.
  • Restore your Home - Walk in the power of your authentic identity, and restore your home to peaceful living in a war-torn world. 


Together, you can straighten your crown, sharpen your sword, and move out of the chaotic castle and into the peaceful palace at last!

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Dan & Lydia White

Coaches · Authors · Speakers

We empower men and women to live in the nobility they are destined for as sons and daughters of the King. As relationship coaches, we help propel couples into their created purpose by equipping them to build a marriage to reclaim, redeem, and restore their home!


Weapons that equip you to fight for your marriage and win!

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Clean Out the Dirty Laundry Before It Cleans You Out

We all have dirty laundry that needs to be unpacked and aired out occasionally in order to move forward in healthy relationships. Previous experiences in...

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Today’s Unresolved Anger is Tomorrow’s Bitterness

Allowing hurt and angry feelings to linger is one of the most toxic things that can destroy a marriage. Letting an argument go unresolved allows the hurt...

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Eliminate the D-Word from Your Vocabulary

It’s not uncommon when things get tough for people to resort to threats, especially if they feel afraid. When it comes to marriage, if you really want...


What People Are Saying

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Aaron & Crysta

Dan and Lydia have been such an intricate part of our marriage. Before we walked down the aisle, they were there to give us wisdom and counsel to prepare us for marriage, and even to this day, we rely on Dan and Lydia to walk with us for Godly accountability. They have been a phenomenal example of what we aspire to be in our marriage and even for our family.

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Dean & Tina

I met Dan and Lydia at a difficult time in my life. I was pregnant with my son and in the first year of my marriage, knowing the plan God had for us it wasn’t going so well. My husband had left me and I was beside myself. God placed Dan and Lydia in my life at the right time to direct me. With their help my husband and I reunited our love and this year will be our 13th year of marriage. We couldn’t have made it without their help and thank God for the gifts He have them to repair what I thought was unrepairable.

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Jonathan & Callie

Dan and Lydia provided our premarital counseling, and their wisdom and guidance helped us set a firm foundation for a healthy marriage. Fourteen years later, we still reference the timeless wisdom they imparted to us. We credit their counsel with equipping us with the tools we needed to establish a strong and lasting marriage. We would highly recommend their services to any couple. 

Why On-Line Marriage Courses? 

 Do you want to save your marriage or build a marriage that can beat the odds? Marriage is the foundation of all other social structure... So we’ve created authentic On-line Training Curriculum  providing you the benefits of live teaching, without the constraints. As an added BONUS, taking one course earns you the opportunity to apply for membership into Ask Dan & Lydia - a weekly marriage round-table community by Invitation ONLY!

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Find peace for your marriage in a chaotic world, and embrace the love you long for!


What you'll get:
  • 9-weeks of On-line training, covering every major marriage topic 
  • Weekly Relationship Building Activities
  • Bonus materials
  • Answers to your personal questions
  • An Opportunity to join Ask Dan & Lydia, a private weekly Round-Table Coaching Program - by application and invitation only!
We'll help you sharpen your sword and straighten your crown, so you can move into the peaceful palace at last!


 ***Membership into Ask Dan & Lydia - our private weekly Roundtable Coaching Program, requires completions of one course we offer!

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Find answers and community as we sharpen our swords together!


What you'll get:
  • LIVE On-line teaching from Dan & Lydia on REAL issues ALL couples face
  • Authentic answers to your toughest questions everyone wants to ask but no one wants to talk about
  • Community with other like-minded couples who are facing the same day-to-day struggles
Purchase either Plan A Marriage... Not Just a Wedding or Living In Nobility course for eligibility to apply for acceptance into Ask Dan & Lydia - by application and invitation ONLY!




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What every couple needs to know before they say "I DO"
 What you'll get:
  • A 9-week On-line course with daily relationship building skills
  • Opening and closing private 1 on 1 coaching sessions 
  • Answers to your toughest questions through personal contact
  • A frank discussion on sexual intimacy - walking into your future without your past 
  • All the tools and resources you need to beat the odds and find love for a lifetime!
Unlike the wedding planner who helps you plan for a day, we help you plan for a lifetime!

***Statistics show that premarital coaching increases marital success by 40%

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Living in Nobility -  Dan & Lydia White

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  • Bringing down the giants
  • Eliminating frustration
  • Removing lies
  • Living in victory