A house divided will fall

palace plan Aug 23, 2021

Understanding the importance of unity within a business and home is critical to developing healthy relationships. 

In business having a unified purpose is crucial to any organization. Everyone on the team has to be headed in the same direction to successfully reach their goals. When disunity arises in a business platform, things can easily unravel leading to a house of cards that can crash at any moment. Every person has their motivations and learning to recognize those in order to find common ground so that every one is moving in the same direction is important to keeping everyone on the same page. Praise and opportunity are great motivators. For example, if a person in business is motivated by a pat on the back, then being sensitive to that as a boss can empower your employee to achieve greater things. If they are driven by promotion and advancement, then giving opportunities for them to take the lead and shine can help them be more motivated to achieve their goals. Maintaining unity within your business is relevant to its success. Even when presenting yourself to outside clients, if there are disagreements in your organization, there must be a united front in order to hold the business image together. Resolutions to the issues should be handled in private business meetings and never exposed to the public.

Relationships at home can be very similar, especially when it comes to raising children. Children have motivations just like employees. If they feel encouraged by leadership opportunities, provide ways for them to take the lead. If they are motivated by encouragement, find ways, even if they are failing, to say encouraging words about a small thing they are getting right. Running a home is a lot like running a business. It has to stay in the black and everyone on board has to work towards accomplishing the same goals or things  will unravel. Picture the husband and wife as the CEO and President of the company.  The most important thing to remember as parents is that unity is crucial to peace in your home. Even if you don’t agree with one another, stand unified as a front with your children and resolve your differences behind closed doors.

Disunity in any setting is an opportunity to be divided and conquered by chaos. As we move through our jobs and homes, remember to look for opportunities to encourage others in the way they need encouragement and always seek to find ways to resolve disagreements in a healthy way in order to build a united front to the world. Unity is the key to your success in career and home.


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