Today’s unresolved anger becomes tomorrow’s bitterness

palace plan Jul 19, 2021

Have you ever had an argument and walked away angry?

Allowing hurt and angry feelings to linger is one of the most toxic things that can destroy a marriage. Letting an argument go unresolved allows the hurt feelings to fester. This opens the door to false beliefs about our spouse and their intentions. Our minds can go a million different directions and play all sorts of trick on us, but unresolved anger all leads to the same end… bitterness.

 Bitterness is like a cancer that grows out of control and…

  • Robs us of trust
  • Kills our love
  • Destroys our relationship

Just like with cancer, the earlier we catch it the easier it is to cure. By taking care of issues today, we can stop it from destroying our tomorrow. Don’t let issues fester, it just makes it worse and causes more and more problems. The longer issues remain unresolved, the deeper the hurt and more time can cause further serious consequences to the relationship.

In the heat of an argument, you may need to take a break from the issue or step back to compose yourself.  However, once those emotions are calm, you must go back to the table and find a solution that allows both parties to have peace with the end result. Sometimes we may even have to agree to simply disagree if there is no real solution to the problem. That’s where unconditional love and commitment is strengthened.

Determine together from this day forward that you won’t allow you or your spouse to walk away from a conflict without a resolution, because today’s anger becomes tomorrow’s bitterness, and tomorrow’s bitterness is the ticking time bomb just waiting for a marriage to fall apart.


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